Thursday, March 5, 2020

New Youtube Video On Spring Feeding

Spring Is Only 15 Days Away

We now have 30 more 3 lb packages of bees with mated queen available. Click here to order today.

Our phone is ringing off the hook with beekeepers asking when and what they should feed their bees this spring. I decided to make a YouTube video describing and explaining spring feeding. Check it out below:

2 Effective Way Of Feeding Bees In The Spring

  1. Feeding Additives

We recommend adding these additives to your spring 1:1 sugar water and place the feeder on the top in one of our Burns Bees Feeding System. These additives contain everything needed to get your bees off to a great start after surviving winter or starting with a new package or nuc. DO NOT ADD any additional items to your sugar water once you've added these additives. Add 1 tsp of each vial to one quart of 1:1 sugar water. It is simple and easy. There is enough to make 5 quarts of sugar water.Click here to order now!

2. Burns Bees Feeding System

Often, beekeepers fail to keep enough food strategically placed on the hive for maximum brood build up in the spring. For example, when temperatures reach 50 or below in the spring, say on a cool spring night, the cluster is no longer able to feed from an entrance feeder on the front of a hive. And with the recent studies we know that bees need protein (pollen) as much if not more than just sugar water. The Burns Bees Feed System places the food strategically over the brood nest area, keeping food where bees can always access it even on cold nights or rainy spring days. What about a summer dearth, that period between summer and fall nectar flows? Bees often suffer from a lack of nutrition in late summer and fall. The Burns Bees Feed System keeps both liquid and patties on the hive for maximum preparation for winter. The Burns Bees Feed System includes 2 jar caps. Does not include mason jars or feed. Use board in place of inner cover. Available for 10 or 8 frame Hives.


Join David For His Next Course At His Training Center:

Spring Management April 4th 1pm-5pm

Whether you are starting with a new package or nuc or you just overwintered your first hive you need to know how to manage your bees this spring. Spring brings many challenges such as the infestation of mites, overcrowded hives, rapid expansion leading to one half of your bees leaving in a swarm and more. Are you sure you have the skills to manage this crazy season of beekeeping? Sign up for our Spring Management Course.

Once your bees survive the winter, knowing what to do next is crucial. When to split? How to prevent swarming? When to add supers? How to control mites. Join us for this exciting spring class. We will hold the class at our training center located at 14556 N 1020 East Rd., Fairmount IL 61841. Please follow these directions (some GPS units do not work for our location). Off I-74, take the Oakwood Exit 206. Go south into town, to 2nd stop sign (Catlin-Homer Rd). Turn left onto Catlin-Homer Rd., going down two country roads to 1020 East. Turn left, go down another 1/4 mile until you see our signs. If you need hotel information, we suggest either the Best Western in Danville (217-431-0020) Holiday Inn at 217-442-2500 or our own Sleepy Creek Vineyard at 217-733-0330 (only about 2 miles away). 

This class is filling up and is only 30 days away! 

If you live too far away, you can take this course ONLINE. Click here for the online spring course.

A Hive + Bees + Equipment + Fee Class

Look no further!! We will ship the hives and equipment now, then you come to pick up bees 4/25/20 (date can change so flexibility is required)

This is a new product, a Total Package!! Everything you need to get started in beekeeping today. Package includes:

1 Newbee Start Up Beehive (1 deep with 10 frames and foundation.

1 honey super with 10 frames and foundations.

1 premier inner cover

1 telescoping top cover

1 screen bottom board with entrance reducer) *Made In America by Illinois craftsmen *Top of the line quality * Completely Assembled * Painted and sealed twice *Ready to go right out of the box
             1 - 3 lb package of bees with queen (must be picked up ONLY on 4/25/20 at our Training Center in Fairmount IL. You will receive more info on bees.) AND A FREE CLASS!
            Order now and you will receive our Beginners Online Course, taught by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns (no substitutions, sorry). You can watch anytime and as often as you want. Provide valid email and check for video email. PLUS
             1 Smoker
             1 Hat with Veil
             1 entrance feeder with holed cap
             1 hive tool
             Priceless: All year customer service

David & Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
Near Fairmount Illinois, 40 miles East of Champaign/Urbana, Illinois

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