Wednesday, May 6, 2020

New Video On How I Got Started In Beekeeping-My Personal Story

Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our curbside package bee pickup day went great! For those of you who picked up your bees, thank you for your patience.

Covid19 has been crazy and if anything it probably has given us a bit more time to care for our bees. Since we cannot go to as many places as we once did, maybe you have more time with your beekeeping hobby. My main hobby was shut down due to social distancing so I added another hobby...Ham Radio. I'm taking my FCC test tomorrow, remotely in Woodland Hills, California.

Maybe beekeeping is your new hobby, good for you! It is a hoot. My two major involvements with beekeeping is mentoring beekeepers and teaching. My mentoring is a program known as BeeTeam6. Yesterday, BeeTeam6 members received my article about the Asian Hornet along with some special tips on handling package bee cages in poor weather. There are so many advantages in being a BeeTeam6 member but the most significant one is being able to call me, email me or text me whenever you need help! Sign up today!

Years ago I made my beekeeping courses available online and so many have taken my courses, it is amazing. We've had our online courses at 50% off to help beekeepers take a class since all local clubs and college beekeeping courses were canceled. However, this sale will be ending soon, so please do not miss out!

One student said, "Hi David - I took the spring management course recently and felt so much better prepared for our spring inspection. In the past I had less confidence about the process. There’s always something unexpected that’s bound to happen, but I was more grounded and able to experience more of the fun and awe of the process and less concerned about making mistakes. 

Best of all my 21 year old son is back from college and suddenly super interested in the bees, having him with us and being able to share the experience was really cool. 

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, take care."


Watch My Newest Video,"How I Got Started In Beekeeping". I believe this will be an inspiring and entertaining video. Please help me reach 50,000 subscribers by subscribing and forwarding the video to others. And please give it a thumbs up too! Watch It Now By Clicking Below: