How To Start Keeping Bees

Thanks for your interest in becoming a beekeeping. You're in good hands with Long Lane Honey Bee Farms because the owner of our family owned business is an EAS certified Master Beekeeper. We are beekeepers too. To us, beekeeping is one of the most enjoyable hobbies We believe you will enjoy it as well.
Keeping bees is really simple. Here's a brief flow chart:

1. Purchase your hives and equipment from us Nov.-March.

2. Purchase the package of bees from us as well Nov.- Feb.

That's simple right! Well, we know that you'll need to know much more, and that's why we have everything you need to know in our Free Online Beekeeping Lessons.
You can start with as few as one hive, but we recommend beginners start with two hives. We sell complete hive kits to help beginners start with everything needed. We offer over 20 beekeeping classes a year.

Have you considered the importance of taking our one day Advance Beekeeping Course? I'll be joined by my good friend and fellow certified master beekeeper Jon Zawislak. Jon and I have written a book on queen rearing and we recently authored a two part articled published in the American Bee Journal on the difference between Northern and Southern bees. Jon and I will be teaching our Advance Beekeeping course June 11, 2014 here in Fairmount, Illinois and we have around 6 seats available. You don't want to miss this opportunity to be around me and Jon and learn about bees for a whole day.

Check out all our beekeeping courses at:

We are confident, that if you study our online lessons, you will understand how to become a beekeeper. We even have full lessons on installing your bees (video) as well as how to inspect your hive and make sure all is well.

We have lessons on how to reduce your chances of being stung as you work your hives.

We are offering FREEƂ SHIPPING on hive kits through November 2011.
And we provide free mentoring to our customers. Just call us up to ask your questions and we'll help you enjoy your new hives. Call us to get started in beekeeping for 2012! 217-427-2678