Friday, July 10, 2020

Watch My Newest Video On Stabilizing A Falling Hive

We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,

Beekeeping can be fun and enjoyable until something goes wrong. Today, I've made another new video about how to stabilize a falling hive.

Also, in this video, coffee time is about not quitting. Watch my newest video on the image below:

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Wow I can’t believe it, the print edition of Backyard Beekeeping is finally on sale! Many of you have asked how you can support me and Sheri beyond buying your own copy of the book. One way you can really make an impact is to write an honest review of the book on Amazon. Customer reviews lend credibility to products online and they also help people who are on the fence decide if this book is right for them. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my favorite reviews for the book on social media, so keep an eye out for those (maybe I’ll pick yours!) Thank you for your help spreading the word about Backyard Beekeeping in person and online!

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Enjoy my new video below. I'm working hard to make more videos more frequently. Now is your chance to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a thumbs up! Working toward 50,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Please subscribe!


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How To Keep Bees Cool In Hot Weather & How To Keep Your Queen Out Of Your Honey Super

We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,

If you've been outside you probably have been overtaken by the heat and humidity. How can you keep your bees cool?

Keeping bees cool seems like an unnecessary task. After all, bees should love summer, right? Yes, to a point. The problem arises inside the hive where 40-60,000 bees crowd into close quarters and soon you have the recipe for an overheated colony. Bees can actually become ill, and developing brood can perish and wax can melt. In my new video below I'll give several pointers on how to keep your hives cooler on those extremely hot summer days. The second video is how to check to see if your queen is up in the honey supers. Take a look at these videos and enjoy!

Bee sure and take one of online beekeeping courses:

Our new book, Backyard Beekeeping went on sale today! We are so excited. Please check it out!

It's finally here! Today is a beautiful day--our brand new book, Backyard Beekeeping, is officially out in the world for all to read and enjoy and learn about beekeeping.

It's been a wild ride from start to finish, and Sheri and I are thrilled to now be published authors of a great book on beekeeping. Thank you again for all of your support, it really means the world to us.

You can learn more and order here:

Thursday, June 25, 2020

What Are The Early Warning Signs That Your Hive Is Preparing To Swarm?

We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,

If this is your first or second year in keeping bees, you probably have realized that there are always challenges.

Many of these challenges are baffling, like your queen started out laying well, but now you cannot find her and you can't find any brood. What the heck do you do now?

Not to mention thousands of varroa destructor mites are roaming through your hive biting your bees and spreading viruses that could potentially kill your bees in the winter. You do not realize it because you cannot see them that well.

Not to mention the other issues of when to add another deep or another super or should you place the super on top of the other super or below it? Or should you use a queen excluder? What do you do if the queen lays eggs in your honey super? When do you need to feed your bees? I hear these questions every day because I mentor over 200 beekeepers around the country through my beekeeping coaching program called BeeTeam6.

This week beekeepers have been sending me their pictures asking me what's happening to their hive. Many report good news, and ask questions about how to deal with healthy and rapidly expanding hives. I'm instructing them what to do next. They are so thankful to have a certified master beekeeper to seek advice from.

We can only take 2 more beekeepers into BeeTeam6. After that, you can sign up on our waiting list and if and when someone drops off we will work through our waiting list in the order that you signed up on the waiting list. Avoid the waitlist and sign up today! If beekeeping is more challenging than you thought, we can help!

Do You Know The Early Warning Signs That Your Hive Is Going To Swarm?

I've just made another video explaining why hives swarms and what to look for to detect a swarm before it happens. Please tell others about our beekeeping videos and subscribe and give us a thumbs up! Thank you

Click below to watch my newest beekeeping video just out!

Friday, June 19, 2020

New Beekeeping Videos: Watch Bees Ball And Try And Kill A Queen

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Sheri and I are excited about the debut (July 7th) of our new beekeeping book, "Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your First Hive."

Choosing the right hive can be confusing. Here's a tip from our new book available for Pre-order from Amazon. Just click here.

"The backyard beekeeper's skill level and knowledge will bring about a greater level of successful beekeeping that the nuances of a particular hive type. Answering key questions about your beekeeping endeavor can helps you decide on the hive that is right for your particular needs, budget, and challenges. For example, will your hive be primarily for pollinating your garden or for bulk honey production? Are you considering a hive for the ease of adding and removing honey supers? Maybe you want are wanting a type of hive that is the easiest to build. Will you be moving the hive?"

It is available for pre-order on Amazon. Sheri and I would appreciate any support you can lend our way to help this book get off to a fantastic start by pre ordering our book from Amazon: Follow This Link Today!

2 More Very Cool Beekeeping Videos: Queen Issues

I've just made two more beekeeping videos that you are going to love. The first one is a followup video because I accidentally moved two queens into the same hive. So many people on YouTube commented that they saw me move the queen, that I quickly ran out to see if I could keep the two queens from fighting. You will not believe what we found! So in the first video below, we will go in and attempt to rescue a queen.

In the second video I start with a fun coffee chat and then a look at how to successfully inspect your hive thoroughly, yet pretty fast. Take a look and please subscribe!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

2 New Beekeeping Videos

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Sheri and I are excited about the debut (July 7th)of our new beekeeping book, "Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your First Hive."

It is available for pre-order on Amazon. Sheri and I would appreciate any support you can lend our way to help this book get off to a fantastic start by pre ordering our book from Amazon: Follow This Link Today!

I've just posted two new beekeeping videos that you will love! One follows the life of a hive raising a new queen. Watch their virgin queen fly. We follow her progress in getting mated and starting to lay. This is good math to understand when to expect a hive to start laying after raising a new queen.

The second video is great for learning how to strengthen a weak hive. We go back into the same hive and I show how to add the right brood to give a weak colony a better future. Click on the images

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We Published A Book On Beekeeping

We have had a surge in new memberships to
BeeTeam6. Wow! Thank you so much for being part of this beekeeping mentorship and coaching program.
If you have not yet joined up, consider joining for the next 6 months. One of our BeeTeam6 members had this to say, "Good afternoon, Mr. Burns,
Sir, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Started the spring with 4 queenless hives & 2 splits. Now you are looking at 7 hives, all with beautiful brood patterns, tons of healthy bees & I have 4 Flow supers on, which are filling up fast. Your expertise, videos & tips have definitely upped my bee game. I feel both honored & privileged to have you as my teacher. My initial disappointment has turned to great happiness & a newfound desire to further my beekeeping endeavor. Even the info from yesterday's video was used today to find a missing queen. Thank you, sir. 
I have just a quick question: it's pretty hot today here in VA (mid 90s). I see substantial bearding in front of some of the hives. Should I remove the entrance reducers or is that not necessary? I mainly have them on to guard against SHB (they got those red beetle contraptions). Otherwise, all smooth sailing over here. Thanks again

Sign Up For BeeTeam6 Now. Beekeeping will be intense and may stress you out for the next 6 months. You need a friend who knows what they are talking about. For less than $5 a week, you can call, text or email David anytime you need help, guidance or need a question answered. Click here to sign up now. You've spent so much time and money getting started in beekeeping, why not invest less than $20 a month to have an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper at your fingertips. Click here to join now. We are extending 7 more spots.

Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 2020 seems to throw new surprises at us every month. Beekeeping can certainly be a calming hobby during so much unrest and anxiety in our country.


After a LOT of hard work behind-the-scenes for the past several months, I'm so excited to finally announce something...We have a new book coming out in July.

Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your First Hive is all about getting started in beekeeping. We've helped thousands over the years get started keeping bees so we decided to write a book to help even more. Our years of experience will be a huge benefit for you. You can PREORDER and learn more and see it here.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing sneak peeks, tips, how-tos, and a whole lot more so you can get excited right along with me. Stay tuned!

Thank you for supporting our small, family beekeeping business during COVID19. Sheri and I do not have other jobs or careers. We make our living solely from your kindness in placing orders with us. We know you have so many options, some cheaper than us, but so many of you continue to purchase from us because you like our overall service and education we offer to the beekeeping community. Thank you so much. We worked hard to meet our customers' orders for packages and nucs this year during the pandemic and it all worked out. 

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Let's pretend you are planning a trip to Hawaii and after you are settled in on the plane, the pilot introduces himself over the intercom and says, "Welcome aboard everyone. Though I've never taken any classes or instructions on flying, I feel confident that I can fly this 747 to Hawaii because I've read some books, watched some YouTube videos and a fellow pilot down the road has helped answer some of my questions". You would get off the plane as fast as you could. Beekeeping is very similar. The confidence, knowledge and foundation that you receive by taking our Ultimate Beekeeping Course will catapult you years ahead of trying to figure beekeeping out without a class.

I recently took up Amateur radio. My approach was to learn it all by watching hours and days of YouTube videos about Ham radio. There are thousands!! But there were so many opinions, contradictions, and different approaches. I finally signed up for an online course to learn Amateur radio and it was amazing how fast I learned. I have passed both of the FCC's Technician and General Class Licenses. It's the same with beekeeping. Public YouTube videos are largely short and for entertainment. Have you ever seen a beekeeping video on YouTube that dives into the anatomy of the honeybee or the effects of vitellogenesis on bees of winter physiology? Probably not because it is not entertaining. Get the foundation and fundamentals of beekeeping under your belt and earn a certificate of completion you can hang on your wall after taking our Ultimate Beekeeping Course which contains our six most popular courses: Basic Beekeeping, Spring Management, Getting Your Bees Through The Winter, How To Raise Your Own Queens and Advance Beekeeping. Advance beekeeping will help you identify pests and diseases that can quickly destroy your hive. Having the skills to detect these diseases early can save your hive. Our Ultimate Course is still 50% off for a little while.

Click here for the Ultimate Beekeeping Online Course. It never goes away, take your time, and enjoy these videos from the comfort of your home. This is NOT a zoom or Skype meeting. This is a private learning experienced taught by David Burns.

My new video is almost ready. I'm making a video on tracking a queen, from queen cells, to the virgin queen to observing her laying. This will go live on YouTube sometime next week so keep watching for it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

New Video On How I Got Started In Beekeeping-My Personal Story

Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Our curbside package bee pickup day went great! For those of you who picked up your bees, thank you for your patience.

Covid19 has been crazy and if anything it probably has given us a bit more time to care for our bees. Since we cannot go to as many places as we once did, maybe you have more time with your beekeeping hobby. My main hobby was shut down due to social distancing so I added another hobby...Ham Radio. I'm taking my FCC test tomorrow, remotely in Woodland Hills, California.

Maybe beekeeping is your new hobby, good for you! It is a hoot. My two major involvements with beekeeping is mentoring beekeepers and teaching. My mentoring is a program known as BeeTeam6. Yesterday, BeeTeam6 members received my article about the Asian Hornet along with some special tips on handling package bee cages in poor weather. There are so many advantages in being a BeeTeam6 member but the most significant one is being able to call me, email me or text me whenever you need help! Sign up today!

Years ago I made my beekeeping courses available online and so many have taken my courses, it is amazing. We've had our online courses at 50% off to help beekeepers take a class since all local clubs and college beekeeping courses were canceled. However, this sale will be ending soon, so please do not miss out!

One student said, "Hi David - I took the spring management course recently and felt so much better prepared for our spring inspection. In the past I had less confidence about the process. There’s always something unexpected that’s bound to happen, but I was more grounded and able to experience more of the fun and awe of the process and less concerned about making mistakes. 

Best of all my 21 year old son is back from college and suddenly super interested in the bees, having him with us and being able to share the experience was really cool. 

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, take care."


Watch My Newest Video,"How I Got Started In Beekeeping". I believe this will be an inspiring and entertaining video. Please help me reach 50,000 subscribers by subscribing and forwarding the video to others. And please give it a thumbs up too! Watch It Now By Clicking Below:

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How To Make A Split

Reports are coming in across the country that bees are SWARMING!

Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I know most of us are ready for the country to return to normal so we can visit family, travel and return to a normal life. Maybe you feel all alone in your beekeeping endeavor. Consider having me as your remote mentor.

WHAT IS A REMOTE/VIRTUAL MENTOR? With local clubs unable to meet and many beekeeping mentors staying isolated, you may feel all alone. I can help you no matter where you live. For years, I have been mentoring beekeepers across the country via phone, text and email. You can have an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper at your fingertips when you are knee deep in a mess or unsure about what you should do next with your bees. So many beekeepers are new and live in panic or worry mode. Sign up for BEETEAM6 TODAY! Cancel anytime.

Sign up month by month: Click Here For Month By Month Basis

You have enough on your mind. Join the rank of hundreds who trust David as their personal beekeeping mentor.

The next Beeteam6 video and article will go out in several days. Join now to receive the next episode. I will be examining a brood frame cell by cell, making many observations as to what is visible and explaining my observations. It will be very helpful and insightful.

Watch My Newest Video "How To Make A Split" Now By Clicking On The Image Below:

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Thank You For Supporting Our Small, Family Business

I know you may be bored at home and tired of watching movies. I've made a REALLY FUN beekeeping video that you will enjoy.

Join me as I travel "remotely" to North Carolina to one of my BeeTeam6 members, and Online student to evaluate his first hive inspection 9 days after installing the package. PLEASE give a thumbs up on the video, and please subscribe. I'm hoping to reach 50,000 subscribers by the end of the year. Click on the video below. Enjoy, be safe and stay healthy!

Watch Our New Video Now By Clicking On The Image Below:

Friday, April 10, 2020

New Video On Where Your Bees Are Flying & Bees In A Cold Snap

Thank You For Supporting Our Small, Family Business

It's getting colder for a while, and below I've given some tips on what to do if you live in an area that is seeing a cold snap.

We want to thank our loyal customers who continue to support our small, family business. These are difficult times for all small, family businesses and for everyone. But the good news is the true American spirit of kindness and generosity is shining through.

We appreciate your business at times like this so much. We are so thankful when you purchase one of our Online Beekeeping Courses. You'll not only learn so many new things about beekeeping, but your purchases greatly helps our business. Our online beekeeping courses are 50% off.

If you are bored at home with nothing to do, now is the time to either learn a new hobby or expand your knowledge in your current hobby. Our online beekeeping courses have been available for several years. They were not quickly thrown together in a panic. Instead, we've heard from hundreds and hundreds of beekeepers who have enjoyed our Online Beekeeping Courses for years.

These are NOT Zoom or Skype events. Our classes consists of videos of EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns from the comfort of your home, on your own time, private and available forever, whenever. Click Here For More Information

Thank you for your patience as we have a smaller staff. We've even called in David to help with shipping out your orders. He is still working hard, mentoring his members of BeeTeam6 and producing Beekeeping Videos. He has just finished a very interesting new video on pollen sourcing, determining where your bees are going based on the pollen on their legs.

As you watch David's Video, please help us out. Please subscribe to our YouTube Beekeeping channel. We now have 34,000 Subscribers which is amazing. Also, it helps us out so much when you give us a thumbs up on the video. Just below the video you are watching, you have an option to do both, subscribe and give us a thumbs up. Thank you!

Watch Our New Video Now By Clicking On The Image Below:

Our Burns Bees Feeding Systems Are Back In Stock & On Sale!

Our Burns Bees Feeding System is great for spring and are back in stock while supplies last, and they are on sale! Click Here


Spring is always full of surprises as temperatures are like a yo-yo. One day last week it was 80, then the next day it snowed. I was almost convinced to splits my hives, but glad I waited as next week looks cooler than normal. If it's dropping below freezing where you live, you may want to consider wrapping your hives until your bees start flying again. Certainly feeding your bees is a must! Feed From The Top with our feeding!

If you've already made your splits and you live in the north where temperatures will drop below freezing, consider wrapping your splits and keep food on your new splits. Feeding bees can help them maintain heat within the hive.

If you are unfortunate and have to install a package on a cold, rainy or snowy day, cowboy up and get 'er done! Have a friend hold an umbrella over you and the hive. Do not leave your bees in the package longer than necessary. And remember, when temperatures drop below 50 degrees (f), bees greatly decrease their consumption of sugar water. Laying is reduced as bees are forced to cluster as well.

Our Most Popular ONLINE Beekeeping Course Is Our
The Ultimate Course Includes: Spring Management, Basic Beginners, How To Get Your Bees Through The Winter, Advance Beekeeping & How To Raise Queens

With the increase in Online Courses, David has been very busy signing each Certificate of Completion

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New Video On 1st Inspection Of An OverWintered Hive

Honey Bees: A Calming Joy

Sheri and I hope that you are staying safe and healthy. We are still on schedule for package bee pick up on April 25th as we are an essential agricultural business. We will have you stay in your car and will place the packages in the car for you. Our store will not be open that day so if you are in need of items, please purchase online at: and we will have items shipped to you.

With all that is going on in the world, what a joy to observe these amazing creatures flying in and out of their hive, going about their work as usual. Our gardens, orchards and speciality crops are so dependent upon the pollination service that honey bees provide.

Sheri and I would like to thank all of our customers who continue to purchase our online classes and beekeeping equipment. Supporting small businesses at this time is so important and we really do appreciate it.

We'd like to share four areas where we've been working hard for you lately. First, we've made all of our ONLINE Beekeeping classes available at 50% off. You can watch them in the safety of your home, at your own pace, forever, no time limit or pressure. All local beekeeping classes have been canceled around the country, so our ONLINE COURSES will give beekeepers the knowledge they are seeking. We've had our classes online for years with students telling us how much they have enjoyed and appreciate our online courses.

Our Most Popular Course Is Our
The Ultimate Course Includes: Spring Management, Basic Beginners, How To Get Your Bees Through The Winter, Advance Beekeeping & How To Raise Queens

With the increase in Online Courses, David has been very busy signing each Certificate of Completion

Secondly, we've been working hard to put together a live ZOOM beekeeping podcast. Knowing that you may be getting bored at home, now you can join Jon and David for a live (Zoom) episode of their popular podcast, Hive Talk. It's Thursday April 2nd at 2pm Central Time. We thought maybe you had time on your hand and would enjoy talking with David and Jon on their Popular HIVE TALK Podcast. Check out the instructions below and join David and Jon. You can even throw some questions there way. If you've never heard David and Jon together, you are missing a great treat. Together they are witty, brilliant, entertaining and share over half a century in beekeeping experience.

Join us live via Zoom meeting on April 2, 2020 at 2:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada).  

Join us from your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) or your smartphone (iOS or Android): 

Sign in to your zoom account before you click the link to join the meeting, or you will be prompted to log in and/or download and install the software. To download and set up an account in advance, go to:

You will be able to use the chat feature in Zoom to type in your questions and comments during the program.

If you don't want to install zoom, you can also join by phone and listen:
312-626-6799 (US Toll) or 
646-558-8656 (US Toll) 
and enter the Meeting ID: 741 197 996 

This meeting will be recorded and uploaded to our podcast library. Not familiar with Hive Talk? Listen to some of our previous episodes:


Thirdly, EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns, has made a new and extensive YouTube video. Join David as he opens up an overwintered colony to see how well it did during the winter. In this video David will evaluate the brood, if drone brood is present, the condition of the queen, perform a mite count, evaluate the bee population, stored resources and if the deep hive bodies need rotated. Be sure and Subscribe to his channel and PLEASE give this video a thumbs up. Check out this NEW video below:

Fourthly, Sheri and I have been spending the last few months working hard with our publisher and editors to finish our Beekeeping book. We have enjoyed writing this book on beekeeping finally putting our unique practices and philosophy into print. Our book should hit the bookstores in July. We will keep you posted.

"I Can't Believe It" That's what one new BeeTeam6 member said to me recently. He said he couldn't believe I actually answered his call and knew his name. He was in a dilemma with his bees and I talked him through quite a mess, and together we got his hive problem solved from several states away.

BeeTeam6 is my mentorship/coaching program. Once you sign up, you are given my personal cell phone, my email address and the privilege to call me or text me or email me anytime you need help. One person even told me this week that they view me as a good friend since I've helped them so much.

Please consider signing up and becoming a part of BeeTeam6. This is the time of the year you can really benefit from a solid, certified mentor. Each month I will send you several beekeeping articles and videos. For less that $5 a week, I'm on the other end of your phone anytime you need me, 7 days a week. This is a great way to enjoy beekeeping rather than going at it all alone, not knowing for sure what to do next. And, for the month of April, when you sign up as a new BeeTeam6, 6 month member, you will receive a free, autographed copy of our new book this coming out this Summer.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our family's business!

David & Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

Friday, March 13, 2020

With Many Beekeeping Classes Being Canceled We Are Offering 50% OFF All ONLINE Courses

Because Colleges & Universities Are Closed Many Beekeeping Classes Are Canceled

In Response We Are Offering 50% Off All Of Our ONLINE BEEKEEPING COURSES because we know many new beekeepers have a limited time to take these classes before bees arrive. Enjoy Our Courses From The Comfort Of Your Home

Watch Our Newly Published Video & Please Subscribe To Our Beekeeping YouTube Channel
Click On The Video Below:

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
David & Sheri Burns

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus & Implications On Beekeeping

Coronavirus Fear Has Gripped Our Nation

COVID 19 is a serious concern and regular care and attention is prudent such as washing your hands and having extras of common items.
How Does the Corona Virus Impact Honey Bees?

Virologist agree that COVID 19 cannot infect arthropods, such as honey bees. That's good news given the fact that bees are battling a large array of viruses already. The number one enemy of honey bees is the varroa destructor mite because as the mite bites bees it transfers viruses to bees. Once bees are infected with viruses the viruses spreads rapidly through the colony. Mite control is the single most advantageous management practice beekeepers need to understand to be successful. Check out my ONLINE MITE CONTROL COURSE.

Can Honey Cure COVID 19?

The New York Post ran an article of a Briton who came down with Coronavirus and refused regular treatment and instead, used honey and whisky. While throughout history honey has been known for its natural beneficial properties, it should never replace conventional medical services. Honey mixed with whisky and lemon juice has been around a long time.It is believed to have been invented in Scotland in the 1700s. It is known as a Hot Toddy. Many people really believe in its natural healing power. My mom gave it to me occasionally as a kid when I was sick. Again, DO NOT use a Hot Toddy instead of going to the doctor and receiving conventional medical care. Honey should only be used along with sound medical advice. Honey should not be given to children under 1 year old.

How Does the Corona Virus Impact Beekeeping?

COVID 19 should have little to no negative consequences on beekeeping. If anything, it should increase awareness of how important it is to become more self-sufficient in a fragile world. How does beekeeping add to being self-sufficient? Many are striving to become more self-sufficient, especially by growing our own food through crops, orchards and plants that feed cattle. Honey bees pollinate these crops providing fruits and vegetables and feed for many animals. Of course honey is a natural sweetener.

If You Are Staying Home To Play It Safe Against the Coronavirus, What Can You Do To Occupy Your Time? Beekeeping!

Consider taking one of our ONLINE COURSES from the comfort and safety of your home. Perhaps your beekeeping class was cancelled or you are not comfortable spending the day in a classroom with others. Now you can enjoy learning all about bees from the comfort of your home through our online courses.

Join Me This Saturday (March 14th 2020) 11am-3pm In Monmouth, Illinois

I'll be speaking between 11am and 3pm addressing Basic and Intermediate Beekeeping Techniques.

The address is:
120 S Sunny Ln, Monmouth, IL 61462

Just show up!

Monmouth Illinois is 17 miles west of Galesburg, Illinois. Contact Tom at: for more info.


Join Now & Have EAS Certified Master Beekeeper At Your Fingertips. You Can Call, Email Or Text When You Need Guidance.

The first 10 to sign up TODAY ONLY (6 month membership) will receive a personally signed autographed copy of David & Sheri's new beekeeping book when it comes out this August.

So many beekeepers are signing up for BeeTeam6, a mentorship coaching program to help you with all your beekeeping needs, no matter where you live. Wouldn't it be nice to have a certified master beekeeper at your fingertips anytime you aren't sure what to do next, or what that funny looking stuff is on your frame? When to feed? Disease? Queenless? What treatment would work? When you call, you get David Burns, not a secretary. Once you are registered you are given David's personal cell phone number and email to help you in all your beekeeping endeavors.

-You will also receive several new instructional videos and articles each month.

- Picture/Video Evaluation Of Your Hive When Needed. Send David a video and/or pictures of what concerns you and he will advise you on the next step to take. 

The first 10 to sign up TODAY ONLY (6 month membership) will receive a personally signed autographed copy of David & Sheri's new beekeeping book when it comes out this August.

Burns Bees Feeding System Back In Stock!

Often, beekeepers fail to keep enough food strategically placed on the hive for maximum brood build up in the spring. For example, when temperatures reach 50 or below in the spring, say on a cool spring night, the cluster is no longer able to feed from an entrance feeder on the front of a hive. And with the recent studies we know that bees need protein (pollen) as much if not more than just sugar water. The Burns Bees Feed System places the food strategically over the brood nest area, keeping food where bees can always access it even on cold nights or rainy spring days. What about a summer dearth, that period between summer and fall nectar flows? Bees often suffer from a lack of nutrition in late summer and fall. The Burns Bees Feed System keeps both liquid and patties on the hive for maximum preparation for winter. The Burns Bees Feed System includes 2 jar caps. Does not include mason jars or feed. Use board in place of inner cover. Available for 10 or 8 frame Hives.


A Hive + Bees + Equipment + Fee Class

Look no further!! We will ship the hives and equipment now, then you come to pick up bees 4/25/20 (date can change so flexibility is required)

This is a new product, a Total Package!! Everything you need to get started in beekeeping today. Package includes:

1 Newbee Start Up Beehive (1 deep with 10 frames and foundation.

1 honey super with 10 frames and foundations.

1 premier inner cover

1 telescoping top cover

1 screen bottom board with entrance reducer) *Made In America by Illinois craftsmen *Top of the line quality * Completely Assembled * Painted and sealed twice *Ready to go right out of the box
             1 - 3 lb package of bees with queen (must be picked up ONLY on 4/25/20 at our Training Center in Fairmount IL. You will receive more info on bees.) AND A FREE CLASS!
            Order now and you will receive our Beginners Online Course, taught by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns (no substitutions, sorry). You can watch anytime and as often as you want. Provide valid email and check for video email. PLUS
             1 Smoker
             1 Hat with Veil
             1 entrance feeder with holed cap
             1 hive tool
             Priceless: All year customer service