Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Simpler & More Efficient Way To Feed Bees

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee
Farms and honeybeesonline.com. Fall has arrived! 

Last week's video really generated a phenomenal amount of interest! People came to our business to visit, bought out all of our feeders and shared how helpful they find our YouTube videos.  I have decided to follow up on that video and explain how to make feeding bees in the fall even much more understandable and easier for the hobbyist beekeeper. I've made a completely new video and product to help make feeding bees in the fall and winter so much easier. 

Watch My Newest YouTube Video
  Just Uploaded Today 
Expanding On Bee Nutrition
I've simplified the approach to feeding bees in fall, winter and spring.

Do Not Put Off Ordering Your Winter Bee Kind
Our Winter Bee Kinds Are Available And Can Make A Huge Difference In Getting Your Bees Through The Winter 
Don't delay ordering your Winter-Bee-Kind. Now that it is fall is only a few days make sure your bees have adequate food for winter by placing our Winter Bee Kind on your hive if for no other reason than for the peace of mind that they won't starve! Available for 10 frame, and 8 frame hives.

Getting Your Bees Through The Winter Course
Thank you for your interest in Ordering our "Getting Your Bees Through The Winter Course". This course is available and can be ordered any time of year. Watch and work through this course on your own timetable. You will have unlimited access to the course. Once you have completed the class simply complete the final worksheet and send it to David via email or through the postal service. Once you complete the course you will receive a nice certificate of completion you can frame. You do not have to send in the final worksheet if you do not want the certificate.

What's Covered In The Getting Your Bees Through The Winter Course:
-How feral bees go through the winter in nature
-Winter survival starts from day 1 in the spring
-Mite levels must be below a certain threshold for winter survival
-How to raise your winter bees in the fall
-Your last fall inspection is essential
-Breaking the queen's brood cycle in the fall to increase winter bees
-Late summer and fall feeding techniques for winter survival
-The art of Wrapping
-Winter Feeding
-Winter ventilation
-Feeding in the winter is a must, but not liquid
-How to properly inspect a hive in the winter
-Green houses, heaters, different types of hives and other winter ideals

Mentorship Program - Help With Your Winter Prep
Beekeeping coaching by Email, Text, or Phone. Receive newsletters, videos and podcasts straight to your inbox. Send us pictures, videos or video chat with us!
For less than $5 a week here's what you will receive from my partnership program:
-  Several New Instructional Videos Each Month.
-  Personal Email & Phone Mentorship With Me. Once you sign up you are given my personal cell phone. You'll be just a phone call, text or email away from a certified master beekeeper to help you when you need it most. Let's face it, fall is when we need help the most.

- Picture/Video Evaluation Of Your Hive When Needed. Send me a video and/or pictures of what concerns you and I'll advise you on the next step to take. 
-  I will also send you several articles a month with tips on what you should be doing and looking for and interesting beekeeping science and practical approaches.

I'm glad you are keeping bees or thinking about it. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.

David and Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms