Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Learn To Inspect Your Hive Like A Beast


Inspecting A Hive Can Be A Waste Of Time...If Not Done Correctly

Hello From Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Inspecting a hive can be a waste of time IF you do not know what you are looking for or what you are seeing. Many beekeepers inspect their hives but they simply do not actually know what to look for or how to identify a problem.

Someone who is not a mechanic may open the hood and stare at the engine and not have a clue as to what is wrong. Many beekeepers are staring inside their hive missing great opportunities to accurately access their hives.

Other beekeepers are so new they are too uneasy about giving their hive a thorough inspection. In today's video join me for a frame by frame, thorough hive inspection.

Over the years I've continued to use my inspection sheet that I created to help me assess my hives. I've recently expanded it into an easy to follow 11 page Inspection Guide. More than most traditional inspection sheets, this
guide explains what you should be looking for, how to record important numbers to help you gain vital data from you hive so you can take the next step to better your hive's future.
I've worked hard on this inspection guide and you will not be disappointed. This guide will walk you through how to collect the information you need to
make a wise decision for your next step.

So purchase the Inspection Guide and then watch my new video so you can inspect your hive like a beast!

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In the video below, watch my cicada video. What's up with these guys?

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

5 Tips On Mowing Around Your Hive & How To Fix A Hive After You Knock It Over With Your Mower


Time To Mow Around Your Hive...

It doesn't take long before the grass and weeds grow up around your beautiful hive, making your bee yard look unkept and a mess. How do you mow and trim around the hive without getting stung a million times by your bees?

Is it true that bees do not have ears? It is true. Bees do not have ears on the side of their heads like humans. But, they do have a Johnston's organ in their antenna and subgenual's in their legs which are better than ears. These organs pick up sound waves in the form of vibrations.

Mowers and weed eaters are very loud to bees and they interpret the noise as a threat to their hive. If you get too close and are not suited up...OUCH!! OUCH!! and more OUCHES!!

I have 5 Tips for making mowing around your hives easier and hopefully minimize being stung. Watch my short video on how to mow around your hive.

While we are tidying up the bee yard, let's paint some hives. How in the world can we paint our hives when they are full of bees? In the video below, I'll share 2 ways that will make it so easy for you. See the video below.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

When Nature Calls, You Have To Answer


Nature Calls...

When nature calls you have to answer. Nature may be calling you to add another box to your hive before they become overcrowded and swarm. But if you add a box too soon, it may cause the bees just to go up and stay on the center frames and never work the frames near the walls. Timing is everything.

How Can You Know When To Add A New Box?

In today's new video, we'll explain how to know when it is time to add a new box to your growing hive. And in this video...

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Learn to know when your bees are telling you it's time to add an additional box to your hive. Watch the video above.

Below, our previous video was a big hit. So many people enjoyed learning and observing the difference between a 5 frame nuc and a package of bees installed on the same day. Click below to watch that video.

Now that you are a beekeeper you may be faced with many questions. It's never too late to take one of our ONLINE beekeeping courses.