Thursday, April 5, 2018

Join David In A Hive

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and Spring has sprung! It's great seeing the bees flying out and foraging so early here in Illinois.

Many of you will need to make spring splits or else your colony is likely to swarm. Be sure and watch our videos below on making splits. If you are unsure of what you should do, be sure and sign up for our ONLINE SPRING MANAGEMENT COURSE by clicking here. You can take this course from your home, on your schedule. Take the course anytime! You'll receive a certificate upon completion. The course is made up of videos from certified master beekeeper, David Burns. David will walk you through how to make splits, when you SHOULD NOT reverse your bottom deep boxes, swarm control, how to keep your huge hive as one hive for more honey production, and more. Sign up now.

Some Of You Are Getting Started Brand New!! Watch My Videos Below:

Newest Video:
Old Paradigm of Beekeeping vs. New Paradigm

Your Hive Made It Through Winter, But Is Your Queen Good?
Now that your hive made it through winter the question is do you have a good queen? What if she died in the winter but you still have bees? Are you tired of buying new queens? Are you frustrated waiting on a queen to be shipped to you? Not to mention you don't know the traits of the queen you are getting. Will she lay well? Will her offspring make lots of honey?

The old paradigm was to just buy another queen. Now, the new paradigm is to raise your own queens. Wait! You can do it. Now you can take David's ONLINE QUEEN REARING COURSE from the convenience of your home, on your schedule, at your pace. Pause the videos and come back to them when you are ready.

Let this year be the year you discover the enjoyment of raising your own queens. One queen shipped to your door is $78. Take our online course for $59 and raise all the queens you need, for less than the price of one shipped queen. Maybe you could start your own queen business for extra income. This class is an essential investment for beekeepers!

Take All The Class You Want, But There's Nothing Like Going Through A Hive With A Certified Master Beekeeper
You've been to conferences. You've watched plenty of powerpoint presentations. You've listened to dry scientists recite their findings. But you aren't getting better at beekeeping. You need to be guided along an inspection with a certified master beekeeper. Join David in a hive. Let him walk you through what to look for, and enjoy David identifying various discoveries in the hive. Here's a list of days you can sign up and come to A Day In The Apiary With David. Choose your date below:

Do You Need A Hive For That Potential Swarm?

If you have bees, they may swarm. Have a hive ready to put them in. Fully painted, fully assembled, Amish built here in Illinois. American made! Order now.

2 Hives Are Better Than One

Starting with two hives has so many advantages. You can swap frames to balance your hives during the year. If a queen dies, just move a frame of eggs over from the other hive. Check out our Freedom Kit

Don't Waste Your Time Chasing After Ineffective Feeders
The old paradigm of beekeeping used entrance feeders which work well UNTIL it turns cold in the spring and bees cluster. With our Feeding System, the sugar and protein is placed above the cluster so they can consume the much needed spring food on cold spring days without breaking cluster.

Our Last Basic Beginners Class for 2018 Is Friday, April 13th
Come join EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns on Friday April 13th for his last basic class for the 2018 season. David will guide you through all the various opinions and wives tales and help you choose proven methods to be a successful beekeeper. Come and learn the new paradigm to beekeeping from David. There are still a few spots open! 8am -1pm, Friday April 13th Click here to sign up now for this onsite class at our Training Center. 

If you cannot make it to this class and you missed all the other basic classes we offer, take our Online Basic Beekeeping Course by clicking here.  Even if you've been keeping bees for awhile, you still need to get the fundamentals under your belt. 

I'll Show You How To Feed Dry Protein To Your Bees 

I've just produced a video showing many things such as a waggle dance, finding the queen, but I want you to observe how I feed my bees protein through pollen substitute powder in the open. Please subscribe to my beekeeping YouTube channel. I've been on YouTube producing Beekeeping videos since 2008! At the bottom right of each video you can subscribe. We now have over 12,000 subscribers with over 2.9 Million Views!!  

What Will You Do When Your Bees Don't Read The Same Books You Do?
There are so many books on beekeeping but bees do not always go by the book. Clubs are full of opinionated people but can you trust them? 

Let's face it, knowing what to do and when is the tricky part of beekeeping. Let me be your mentor. I have a special mentorship program called BeeTeam6 where you can call, email or text me concerns or questions you are having about your bees. Plus you receive a weekly tip and a weekly instructional beekeeping video. Even if you are not keeping bees yet, this is perfect to help you gain the education you need before you start. Or if you are starting this year, why not have the extra peace of mind by having someone you can consult.  SIGN UP TODAY!

I'm glad you are keeping bees or thinking about it. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.


David and Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms