Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hive Kits Available Now With Bees

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and We've just placed our 2017 Hive Kits With Bees online for purchase. This is just in time for you to get that special someone a Christmas gift that will TRULY be a huge surprise. Click here to see our 2017 hive kits. Remember, when our hives are built right here in Illinois. Help put small American businesses back on the map!

For those of you waiting on your Winter Bee Kinds to arrive, due to warmer weather this week, we had to postpone shipping until next week. But remember, your WBK will be shipped in the order the order was received. Many people placed their orders in August-October, so if you are just now placing your order, please be patient. Also, the WBK will arrive wet or syrupy. That is fine and the bees will enjoy that. This does occur in shipping and is perfectly expected and normal. If we made them so hard that they did not do this, the bees would not be able to consume the food. It's not too late to order your Winter Bee Kind now. Don't let your bees starve this winter.

Our 2017 class schedule is online now. The two classes that sell out the fastest are the Beekeeping Institute and How To Raise Queens. So if you are interested in making it to these classes, sign up now to reserve your spots. 

Check out all of our classes for 2017 at:

Another Great Christmas Idea

A Six Month's Mentorship
Purchase a 6 month membership to be mentored by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. Each week David sends out instructional tips and a video. Also, this mentorship includes access to David's private cell phone and email so you can personally talk to David about your hives. This makes a great Christmas gift. Click here to sign up. Leave a comment in the note section so that we can send a special Christmas card explaining everything to go under the tree.  


Planning to start keeping bees in the spring or maybe you'll need something to put that new swarm into in the Spring?Buy your hives now and you'll avoid the spring rush on hives.

Our Freedom Kit has been a top choice for new beginners. Starting with 2 hives is always a better idea. Sometimes you need to share resources between colonies. With two hives you can transfer frames and keep each hive equally strong. This kit comes with 2 Packages of Bee (Bees Picked up here in the spring). Painted and assembled here in Illinois. 

Also included are the supplies necessary to start keeping bees. Beat the spring rush and order now. 

Our Liberty Kit comes with one hive and one package of bees (Bees picked up in spring at our location) plus supplies. All our hives are painted and assembled, ready to be placed in your yard. A great Christmas gift. Order now to receive the hive before Christmas.

We know you have other options for purchasing your beekeeping equipment, but we appreciate you honoring us with the opportunity to meet your beekeeping needs. We are a hard working, American small family business. We appreciate your business.

Drone - A male honey bee, produced by a queen laying an unfertilized egg, usually in a larger cell. Drones do not forage or build comb. They merely mate with virgin queens and die shortly after mating. They do not have stingers. Their eyes are so large they touch in the middle of their head. They have one extra antennae section than workers, used to locate the virgin queen in flight. Most colonies have between 200-2,000 drones. Drones do not have a father, but they do have a grandfather.
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