Sunday, July 29, 2018

August-October Determines Your Colony's Winter Survival

Happy Summer!  We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee 
Farms and Slow down summer! We all stay so busy enjoying all the summertime activities that before we know it, summer is gone.

We are excited about our "Getting Your Bees Through The Winter" course available as an online course. You can now take it from the comfort of your home. You must start preparing your hives for winter in August. We worked hard on making this course everything you need to know to prepare for winter!
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Also we are excited about one of David's most popular courses now available online. 
David recorded his Day in the apiary course and now you can enjoy this course online. It is RAW, UNEDITED footage. Watch the video below for some snapshots of this course...

New Online Course: A DAY IN THE APIARY

We are now taking Pre-Orders For A DAY IN THE APIARY WITH DAVID. Sign up now.

David's Newest Invention
Over the years David has struggled with a way to inspect colonies without having to lay a frame down smashing bees. Over the last decade you've probably noticed David laying a frame down on its side to capture a queen. For months he worked to create a new product to work frames without smashing and killing bees. He did it!

Beekeepers Around The Country Rave Over Our Winter-Bee-Kinds
In just 3 days, on August 1st, our Winter-Bee-Kinds will be available for purchase. If you've never heard of our Winter-Bee-Kind, it was invented and created by certified master beekeeper, David Burns. He created a way to provide winter ventilation, upper insulation (to control condensation) and winter food for bees. David has a proprietary mix that meets the winter nutritional needs of bees.

For many years beekeepers have relied on the WBKs to get their bees through the winter. Obtaining a Winter-Bee-Kind requires planning!
Even though they go on sale August 1st, they cannot be shipped until cooler weather, in November due to the food content. This means that those who place their orders first will be the first to be shipped in November. YOU MUST QUEUE UP NOW!

For those placing their orders on August 1st, you'll be the first to receive your WBK sometime in November. So be ready to place your order in three days! If you try and order prior to August 1st, it says, "SOLD OUT." But you will be able to follow this link and order on or after August 1st. 

You've Made Some Mistakes This Year. Why Repeat These Same Mistakes Next Year?

Beekeeping Class
Now it's time to stop making silly mistakes that caused your colony to become queenless, weak or fail entirely. Beekeeping seems easy. The fellow down the road has some hives and he made it sound easy. The books made it sound simple. Different YouTubers made it sound uncomplicated. Yikes! They were wrong. It's not as easy as it looks. You need a mentor. 

Testimonial: "As a new beekeeper, the amount of information available is overwhelming, and often maddeningly contradictory.  Also, the situation in MY hives never seems to quite match what the books and websites cover.  I longed to be an apprentice to learn from a master, or to have that person come look at my bees and tell me what's going on.  But that simply wasn't available to me...until I became a member of David's Bee Team 6!  Now I have a certified master beekeeper a phone call, text, or email away.  I can send photos so that it's like he's looking over my shoulder into my hive with me.  From persistent chalkbrood, to supersedure cells, to marking the queen...David has been there as my guide.  He's calm and cheerful and understanding even in the face of a tearful phone call from a distraught new beek.  Also as a Bee Team 6 member, I get newsletters and videos with timely info-all of it goes into my three-ring binder, and I refer back to it all the time.  I also took his online courses-and I can tell you that they are invaluable!  In a world where normal apprenticing isn't practical, David's Bee Team 6 is the answer!"
Rhonda Morton
Corning, NY

Certified Master Beekeeper David Burns saw a problem and came up with a solution. The problem: New beekeepers making mistakes and failing to properly manage bee hives resulting in high losses. The solution: David's mentorship/coaching approach that allows beekeepers to view important videos and read articles pertaining to seasonal issues. And the opportunity to call or email David's personal cell phone when you need advice from a certified master beekeeper.

We are glad you are keeping bees or thinking about it. Thank you for supporting our family business for all your beekeeping needs.

We know you can look around and maybe even save a buck. Thank you for supporting a small, American, family business. Our hives are still built right here in Illinois. We raise all our queens here in Illinois. We appreciate your business.


David and Sheri Burns
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