Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus & Implications On Beekeeping

Coronavirus Fear Has Gripped Our Nation

COVID 19 is a serious concern and regular care and attention is prudent such as washing your hands and having extras of common items.
How Does the Corona Virus Impact Honey Bees?

Virologist agree that COVID 19 cannot infect arthropods, such as honey bees. That's good news given the fact that bees are battling a large array of viruses already. The number one enemy of honey bees is the varroa destructor mite because as the mite bites bees it transfers viruses to bees. Once bees are infected with viruses the viruses spreads rapidly through the colony. Mite control is the single most advantageous management practice beekeepers need to understand to be successful. Check out my ONLINE MITE CONTROL COURSE.

Can Honey Cure COVID 19?

The New York Post ran an article of a Briton who came down with Coronavirus and refused regular treatment and instead, used honey and whisky. While throughout history honey has been known for its natural beneficial properties, it should never replace conventional medical services. Honey mixed with whisky and lemon juice has been around a long time.It is believed to have been invented in Scotland in the 1700s. It is known as a Hot Toddy. Many people really believe in its natural healing power. My mom gave it to me occasionally as a kid when I was sick. Again, DO NOT use a Hot Toddy instead of going to the doctor and receiving conventional medical care. Honey should only be used along with sound medical advice. Honey should not be given to children under 1 year old.

How Does the Corona Virus Impact Beekeeping?

COVID 19 should have little to no negative consequences on beekeeping. If anything, it should increase awareness of how important it is to become more self-sufficient in a fragile world. How does beekeeping add to being self-sufficient? Many are striving to become more self-sufficient, especially by growing our own food through crops, orchards and plants that feed cattle. Honey bees pollinate these crops providing fruits and vegetables and feed for many animals. Of course honey is a natural sweetener.

If You Are Staying Home To Play It Safe Against the Coronavirus, What Can You Do To Occupy Your Time? Beekeeping!

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