Saturday, November 4, 2017

New 2018 Classes & Hive Kits With Bees Available Now!

I'm in Summit, Mississippi speaking on bees at the Southwest Mississippi Community College. Dr. Jeff Harris invited me to be part of this year's program. It's a lot of fun. My speaking schedule is full now through 2018.

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and it's hard to believe we've been in the beekeeping business for 11 years. Over the last decade it has been so rewarding meeting so many great people and introducing so many people into beekeeping. We appreciate you being our customer and we are looking forward to serving you for years to come.

New 2018 Classes Are Online!  
We have a list of 2018 beekeeping classes online. Our queen rearing class is the fastest to fill up. Here's a list of a few of our popular classes that fill up fast:

How To Raise Queens May 26, 2018

New 2018 Hive Kits With Bees Are Online! 
This is our popular Freedom Kit. Includes two 3 lbs packages of bees with mated queens, two complete hives, equipment etc. Available only until March 31 or until supplies run out. Call us to order if you want to pick up and save shipping.

Are You Aware Of My Mentorship Program?
Spend the cold winter months learning how to be a better beekeeper through my mentorship program. Spots are open.  Click here to learn how to join.

Our Winter Bee Kinds ARE NOT SOLD OUT YET!!
Many people are worried we are sold out. We are not. Don't delay ordering your Winter-Bee-Kind. Our winter-bee-kinds are placed on top of your hive, candy side down. The candy contains proteins and carbohydrates as a winter food source for your bees. It also allows bees to take cleansing flights through a top entrance. And a sheet of insulation below the candy reduces moisture in winter hive. Comes with a recipe so you can refill it yourself. Orders are pouring in so don't wait too long. Make sure your bees have adequate food for winter by placing our Winter Bee Kind on your hive if for no other reason than insurance that they won't starve! Available for 10 frame, and 8 frame hives. We will start shipping these in November provided the weather is cool enough to ship.

Beekeeping Podcast Today At 1:30 Central Time
At 1:30 pm central time today join David Burns and Jon Zawislak for HIVE TALK! Join them every Wednesday at 1:30. Set your alarm to join them. You can call in and even ask your question! 

David and Jon will be talking about the details in raising queens.  Join two EAS certified master beekeepers and listen to them gab about bees, mostly. You can make Hive Talk more interesting by calling in and asking questions live, or by logging in on your computer and texting us your question. Here's how:
The number to call is:
Set your alarm and your smart phones. 

If you missed us live, listen to the recorded episode on iTunes by clicking here.