Thursday, February 2, 2023

Debunking The Top 10 Lies & Misconceptions About Beekeeping


Beekeeping is full of lies & misconceptions. Test your knowledge about Honeybees. Which of these statements are true or false?

1. Honey Bees Are Going Extinct. True or False

2. Honey Bees Were Native To North America. True or False

3. Honey Is Bee Vomit. True or False

4. Honey Bees Fly At Night. True or False

5. Honey Bees Hibernate In The Winter. True or False

6. Everyone Is Allergic To Honey Bee Stings. True or False

7. Honey Bees Can Sting Repeatedly. True or False

8. Honey Bees Are Vegetarians. True or False

9. Honey Bee Colonies Can Die From Wax Moths. True or False

10. All Bees Work In A Hive. True or False

Watch my newest video and find the answers:

I've made a lot of videos last month about controlling varroa destructor mites, the number one nemesis of honey bees. One way you can help control mites and add additional much ventilation to your hive is with a screen bottom board. When using powdered sugar dustings along with a screen bottom board some mites will fall out of the hive. Along with other IPM approaches this can help keep mite levels low. Get your screen bottom board today


Now that it is 2023 let's start the new beekeeping year the right way by ordering your bees before they are sold out:

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Our packages are "pick up only" at our bee farm in central Illinois on April 22. Why is it better to pick up bees rather than having them shipped? If bees are shipped through traditional delivery services they can be mishandled or kept in hot trucks for days. It is very common for shipped bees to arrive to a beekeeper with most of the bees dead on the bottom of the package. It's risky. Why not order your bees today and pick up your precious cargo here at our honey bee farm where we keep your bees healthy.

Our packages of bees are available now. They sell out very fast. We also have 50 (limited) Nucs available for sale and many have been sold already. If you are new to beekeeping or thinking about starting, watch my video below that has 1.5 MILLION views on YouTube:


5 Most Important Tips For February

What my video explaining the five most import things you should be doing in beekeeping during the month of February:

In my recent videos I've mentioned IPM, Integrated Pest Management) as a way to help control varroa mites. One of the natural ways to do this is by breaking the queen's brood cycle after the honey flow when the colony is at its largest and mites are at the height of reproduction. This is easy to do using a queen push in cage. By caging the queen for 5-7 days, the bees' brood cycle is broken as well as the mites' brood cycle. During this break, over 14,000 mites can be disrupted from developing. Purchase a queen push in cage and be ready to tackle mites.



Having your own 5 frame nuc boxes are great for catching swarms, as a resource hive to support a larger colony, a starter or mating box to raise extra queens and more. Watch my newest video below and I'll show you how to save money and make your own: