Thursday, July 8, 2021

Some Beekeeping Stuff Is Worthless And A Big Waste Of Money

Hello From Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. I'm EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. I'm here to help you keep healthier bees and avoid horrible mistakes.

When I first started beekeeping I desperately searched for answers and I fell for a ton of gizmos and gadgets thinking it would make my bees healthier and produce more honey. It's crazy what we will fall for.

I'm starting a new video series where I evaluate various pieces of beekeeping equipment and ask the question, "Is It Worthless or Worth it?"

If you've not seen my two, latest videos please check them out. The first one is on the inner cover. Are inner covers really needed? What is the purpose of an inner cover anyway?

The second video is on screen bottom boards. Are they really any better than a solid bottom board. Can you use screen bottom boards in the winter? Check these videos out below to discover how many mites are reduced by screen bottom boards and how they effect your honey production.

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