Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Spring Tips, Beltsville, Maryland Bee Lab Results and
Photos of Oddities From The Hive

Watch our newest video where I'll review the results from a Bee Report From the Beltsville, MD bee lab, and I'll share some important spring tips. Also, we will observe some oddities from the hive submitted by BeeTeam6 members.

Currently I'm offering my ONLINE Ultimate Beekeeping Course at 50% off to help support beekeepers who may not be able to attend local clubs or classes due to the pandemic. Take advantage now as this offer ends in 16 days (April 30th, 2021).

New Beekeeping Video:

  • Spring Tips

  • Review of a Beltsville Bee Report

  • Oddities from the hive

  • Coffee Time With Sheri

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As a member of BeeTeam6, you can call my personal cell phone and talk to me directly when you have beekeeping questions. I was certified as a Master Beekeeper by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North American in 2010. As a member you can call me, email me or send me a question via text. Lessen your anxiety and learn to enjoy your bees making better decision with me as your coach.

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