Thursday, October 1, 2020

Watch Part 3 Of My Newest Video For Winter Prep


Hey everyone, we are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,

Today is October 1st and cooler weather is being enjoyed throughout much of the US.

Bees are not as active in colder areas of the US and need to be feed. Now is the time to make your last minute preparations for winter. Today, I've made a new video on taking off your supers and queen excluders in preparation for winter.

Also, something new I've added to my beekeeping videos is known as "Coffee Time", a time for us to just sit down and chat about life in general. It has been a big hit. Some people are watching my videos just for "Coffee Time".

Watch my new video below just published, and please subscribe and click on the bell so you'll be notified each time I make a new video.

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This course will answer your questions on getting your bees through the winter. This course is a must to fully understand how to help your bees overwinter. This course is yours forever once you purchase it. EAS Certified master beekeeper, David Burns will explain how to prepare your bees for winter. Enjoy this course on your own time at your own pace, in the comfort and safety of your home. Watch at your own pace in private, by yourself.

Can You Feed Your Bees Too Much?
The simple answer is no. During spring and most of summer bees have an unlimited supply of nectar. More nectar is available to bees in spring and summer than what you can provide in a jar. However, bees are crazy about storing up everything they can get their hands on, so it is possible they can run out of room. This happens naturally in the spring without you feeding them and they sometimes swarm. Fortunately when we feed bees in the fall, their swarm instinct is gone. Our job is to feed our hives and give them room to grow and store!

How David Can Be Your Personal Mentor?
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Sign Up For BeeTeam6 Now. Beekeeping will be intense and may stress you out as we head into winter. You will see hundreds of dead bees in front of your hive in September - October. Will you know what's happening? Are you sure you will raise bees of winter physiology? You need a friend who knows what they are talking about.





For less than $5 a week, you can call, text or email David anytime you need help, guidance or need a question answered. You've spent so much time and money getting started in beekeeping.

Winter-Bee-Kinds Video

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