Saturday, August 15, 2020

Feeding Bees In The Fall & Winter


We are David and Sheri Burns at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms,

Fall is only 38 days away but long before fall arrives bees begin to suffer from a lack of resources due to summer and fall dearth. It is important to continue feeding bees during this dearth to help your colony raise bees of winter physiology. Bees of winter physiology live 4-6 months but in order for the colony to raise these winter bees in late summer and fall, the colony must be well fed. This is where you come in...Feed Your Bees!!

We recommend using our fall feeder on top of your hive. St
udies show that bees need protein (pollen) as much if not more than just sugar or sugar water. The Burns Bees Feed System places the food strategically over the brood nest area, keeping food where bees can always access it even rainy fall days. What about a summer dearth, that period between summer and fall nectar flows? Bees often suffer from a lack of nutrition in the summer and fall. The Burns Bees Feed System keeps both liquid and patties on the hive for maximum preparation for winter.

Our new beekeeping video demonstrates how to take care of your honey supers after you have removed them from the hive. Also, this video will demonstrate how to wash, dry and melt wax to pour into molds or to make candles. Click the video to watch now:

Our popular Winter-Bee-Kinds are available for purchase NOW!

Be sure and remember that they will not ship until mid to late November. And select the proper one, either 8 Frame or for 10 Frame Hive.

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