Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We Published A Book On Beekeeping

We have had a surge in new memberships to
BeeTeam6. Wow! Thank you so much for being part of this beekeeping mentorship and coaching program.
If you have not yet joined up, consider joining for the next 6 months. One of our BeeTeam6 members had this to say, "Good afternoon, Mr. Burns,
Sir, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Started the spring with 4 queenless hives & 2 splits. Now you are looking at 7 hives, all with beautiful brood patterns, tons of healthy bees & I have 4 Flow supers on, which are filling up fast. Your expertise, videos & tips have definitely upped my bee game. I feel both honored & privileged to have you as my teacher. My initial disappointment has turned to great happiness & a newfound desire to further my beekeeping endeavor. Even the info from yesterday's video was used today to find a missing queen. Thank you, sir. 
I have just a quick question: it's pretty hot today here in VA (mid 90s). I see substantial bearding in front of some of the hives. Should I remove the entrance reducers or is that not necessary? I mainly have them on to guard against SHB (they got those red beetle contraptions). Otherwise, all smooth sailing over here. Thanks again

Sign Up For BeeTeam6 Now. Beekeeping will be intense and may stress you out for the next 6 months. You need a friend who knows what they are talking about. For less than $5 a week, you can call, text or email David anytime you need help, guidance or need a question answered. Click here to sign up now. You've spent so much time and money getting started in beekeeping, why not invest less than $20 a month to have an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper at your fingertips. Click here to join now. We are extending 7 more spots.

Sheri and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. 2020 seems to throw new surprises at us every month. Beekeeping can certainly be a calming hobby during so much unrest and anxiety in our country.


After a LOT of hard work behind-the-scenes for the past several months, I'm so excited to finally announce something...We have a new book coming out in July.

Backyard Beekeeping: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your First Hive is all about getting started in beekeeping. We've helped thousands over the years get started keeping bees so we decided to write a book to help even more. Our years of experience will be a huge benefit for you. You can PREORDER and learn more and see it here.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing sneak peeks, tips, how-tos, and a whole lot more so you can get excited right along with me. Stay tuned!

Thank you for supporting our small, family beekeeping business during COVID19. Sheri and I do not have other jobs or careers. We make our living solely from your kindness in placing orders with us. We know you have so many options, some cheaper than us, but so many of you continue to purchase from us because you like our overall service and education we offer to the beekeeping community. Thank you so much. We worked hard to meet our customers' orders for packages and nucs this year during the pandemic and it all worked out. 

Take Our Online Ultimate Beekeeping Class. 50% Off Only 1 More Week.

Let's pretend you are planning a trip to Hawaii and after you are settled in on the plane, the pilot introduces himself over the intercom and says, "Welcome aboard everyone. Though I've never taken any classes or instructions on flying, I feel confident that I can fly this 747 to Hawaii because I've read some books, watched some YouTube videos and a fellow pilot down the road has helped answer some of my questions". You would get off the plane as fast as you could. Beekeeping is very similar. The confidence, knowledge and foundation that you receive by taking our Ultimate Beekeeping Course will catapult you years ahead of trying to figure beekeeping out without a class.

I recently took up Amateur radio. My approach was to learn it all by watching hours and days of YouTube videos about Ham radio. There are thousands!! But there were so many opinions, contradictions, and different approaches. I finally signed up for an online course to learn Amateur radio and it was amazing how fast I learned. I have passed both of the FCC's Technician and General Class Licenses. It's the same with beekeeping. Public YouTube videos are largely short and for entertainment. Have you ever seen a beekeeping video on YouTube that dives into the anatomy of the honeybee or the effects of vitellogenesis on bees of winter physiology? Probably not because it is not entertaining. Get the foundation and fundamentals of beekeeping under your belt and earn a certificate of completion you can hang on your wall after taking our Ultimate Beekeeping Course which contains our six most popular courses: Basic Beekeeping, Spring Management, Getting Your Bees Through The Winter, How To Raise Your Own Queens and Advance Beekeeping. Advance beekeeping will help you identify pests and diseases that can quickly destroy your hive. Having the skills to detect these diseases early can save your hive. Our Ultimate Course is still 50% off for a little while.

Click here for the Ultimate Beekeeping Online Course. It never goes away, take your time, and enjoy these videos from the comfort of your home. This is NOT a zoom or Skype meeting. This is a private learning experienced taught by David Burns.

My new video is almost ready. I'm making a video on tracking a queen, from queen cells, to the virgin queen to observing her laying. This will go live on YouTube sometime next week so keep watching for it.


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