Friday, April 12, 2019

What Can Bees Do For You?

What Can Bees Do For You?

What can bees do to make our lives better? Well, there is the obvious such as pollinate our fruits and vegetables and make honey, but is there more? Absolutely!

Bees provide for us an enjoyable outdoor hobby that fills our mind with peace as we enjoy observing these little, amazing creatures quietly keeping our ecosystem stabilized. 

Keeping bees brings us immense satisfaction knowing that these super pollinators may not make it without our help. Knowing that we are helping honey bees survive various challenges brings us gratification. We would be so sad if we lost our honey bees. Anyone who observes a honey bee on a flower immediately knows there will be future plant, tree or fruit. There is so much that bees do for us, now what can we do for them?

I'd Love To Teach You About Beekeeping 

Hi, I'm EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. I'm  at Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and, an online beekeeping resource that has helped millions of beekeepers through YouTube, In-House classes and now Online Beekeeping Courses. I'm not a commercial beekeeper with thousands of colonies but I really love sharing my love of beekeeping. And I've taught enough people in person that I know how to help you understand the most important aspects needed to be a beekeeping boss. I've spent over a decade creating beekeeping content just for you.

There's tons of beekeeping sites, blogs and YouTube channels now, but people kept telling me they like my style. What's my style? I'm told I am sincere and personable so that must shine through in my online video courses because hundreds of people keep telling us how much they enjoy these courses. I've packed years of learning and beekeeping experience into each course. 

But I can find all kind of beekeeping info online for free?
You can! But you're going to spend a ton of time watching a bunch of YouTube videos from beekeepers you know nothing about. Do you really want to search through forums listening to beekeepers arguing and confusing you even more? Why waste money on useless beekeeping equipment and costly hives and bad advice?

Why do your courses cost $59?
This isn't for everyone. But if you value your time and want to learn the most important beekeeping info in the shortest amount of time...I'm your man. Educating beekeepers is my full-time job. It's my passion and I take it seriously.

When do your courses start and finish?
The course starts anytime you want. They never end. Study and watch the videos at your own pace. You have a busy lifestyle, so I designed these courses to fit your schedule. 

What else do I get in addition to online videos?
For most of the courses you receive a worksheet. You do not have to use it, but if you like taking notes it helps you remember what you are being taught.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does as long as you live sound? After purchasing a course, you have unlimited access to our courses for as long as you like on any of your devices like your smartphone, computer or tablet. 

Is there a completion certificate?
YES. Once you complete the worksheet and send them back for me to review, I'll send you a beautiful, autographed certificate suitable for framing.

What have others said about taking your courses?
 "I feel I have learned a lot from your online spring management course!  You have done a great job and I look forward to the queen bee course!"     Yasmin, Canada

"I have finished all lessons from your online beginners course.  Really great and have learned a lot....I plan on continuing with some of your other courses."      Dennis, Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the Spring Management online class. I'm gonna add the others soon!"   Dan, Missouri 

"David is so knowledgeable and teaches to my level as a new beekeeper.  He is also very encouraging. Very much appreciated."  Rick, Illinois

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When you need information on a particular beekeeping subject it can take you forever to find an answer. You can look for answers in books, YouTube and ask around at your local bee club but you will get as many answers as people you ask and videos you watch. This resource offers videos on specific beekeeping subjects so you can find ONE SOURCE, ONE ANSWER. Your time is valuable. 

Don't Waste Your Time Chasing After Ineffective Feeders
Even though April showers do bring May flowers, they also keep our bees from flying out for food. A new package or nuc has very little resources available on the cold and rainy days of spring when they cannot fly.  A lack of food will set your hive back by weeks. Avoid this set back and keep your bees expanding by feeding them from the top with our Top Feeder. These have been very popular over the last few year. Screen keeps your bees down so you can change jars easily. 

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