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New Weekly Beekeeping Insights | Happy Thanksgiving

We are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and We would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! With the help of some great friends and family members we have shipped out 99% of winter-bee-kind orders so far. These may still take 3-5 days to arrive. We are still taking orders for one more month. 

We all gave a big shout out when we placed the label on the most current order. Now we will be able to ship out winter-bee-kind orders much faster. It was a fun day. We had grandchildren helping, Christmas music playing and even some hot chocolate. I personally mixed and poured all the winter-bee-kinds this year as I do every year. Now it's time for us to focus on getting ready to host our family's Thanksgiving celebration here at the bee farm. What a fun time of the year.
Great customers who have chosen to do business with us have made our lives enjoyable. That's how it is supposed to work, right. We help you with your beekeeping needs and when you place orders at you help us enjoy our livelihood. Thank you so much!

Finding Your Queen
How To Inspect A Frame To Find The Queen
1. Scan the frame for a larger bee (the queen) with a larger thorax. Start your scan from the outside edges of the frame. This way you'll see her before she crawls to the other side. Work your way from the edges into the center.  
2.  Do a grid scan. Many beekeepers try and look at every single...READ MORE

Symptoms Of Queenlessness
  1. No visible eggs anywhere in the hive. Unfortunately to confirm you have no eggs you must look at all brood frames. This means as many as 5-6 frames in the center of each hive body box, so a total of 10-12 frames must be carefully searched.
  2. There is no visible sign of...READ MORE
Beekeeping For Beginners
Beekeeping for beginners can be hard to figure out. There is a push to make beekeeping appear practically hands free. Beekeeping for beginners must include learning how to implement best management practices to keep bees alive...

Visit our website and read our insightful beekeeping tips, new every few days. Today's insight is about natural beekeeping and David explains the new paradigm in beekeeping. You'll find them on our main page, just scroll down a little and look for BEEKEEPING INSIGHTS.

Bees In The Winter
I like to make my own wind breaks. I take a few wooden sticks or small posts and beat them into the ground, then wrap visqueen (plastic sheeting) around the posts. I leave the front side open for the bees to fly in and out. On a warm summer day, when the wind isn't blowing...READ MORE

We Are The Place When You Are Looking For Packages Of Bees
Thank you for your interest in our packages and queens. I'm excited about offering packages and queens for sale again this year, 2019. As you know I am very particular about providing quality queens. I've put together my "QUEEN DREAM TEAM" consisting of ...READ MORE

There Are Many Types Of Honey Bees. Does It Really Matter??
Which Honey Bee Is Best? Let me give you some commonly accepted traits of each type or atleast their traits prior to being mixed together here in America with other types.  Before I do, let me say that these claims of trait specific races and hybrids are ...READ MORE

Between now and into the winter, many of you will be getting started in beekeeping for the first time. Others are still real new at this. So be sure and enjoy some of our videos:

Our Hives Are Amish Made Here In Illinois Just For Us

Included in this LIBERTY KIT is, 1 Complete Hive plus supplies. 1 -3 lb package of bees with a mated queen. (Bees must be picked up at our location in Fairmount, IL, see below for more information).   Look at all that is included in this special offer.

This is a huge savings, our way of inviting others to take the plunge and do something good for our environment as well enjoyable a fun hobby. And, wouldn't it be nice to have your own honey to enjoy or sell? The hives are fully assembled and coated with 2 coats of exterior high quality latex paint.
In our LIBERTY KIT you will receive:
One complete hive. This hive includes the following:
1 Screen bottom board with entrance cleat.
1 Entrance feeder
2 Deep Hive Bodies. This is the area where the bees live. Each deep hive body comes complete with 10 wooden frames with full 3/8 side bars, and are glued and stapled. Plus each frame is already assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation. This is a total of 20 deep hive body frames.
1 Medium Honey Super. This is where the bees store their excess honey that you can remove. This super comes with 10 wooden frames, glued and stapled, fully assembled with plastic beeswax coated foundation.
1 Inner cover. This goes on top of the boxes, but beneath the final top cover. This high-quality inner cover allows for upper ventilation and a vapor barrier.
1 Telescoping Top Cover. This is the final top cover with nice white metal to help protect it from the weather and keeps that nice white look without rusting.
1 Cloth Hat and Veil combo.
1 Hive tool.
1 Smoker
1 Queen Excluder, used to keep the queen from entering into the upper super.

These hives are built right here in Central Illinois. We are a small American business with an EAS certified Master Beekeeper to help answer your questions.

Save $145 Now Through Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

Long Lane Honey Bee Farms

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