Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hey guys, we are David and Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Just got back from the Eastern Apicultural Society meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Wow, was it awesome. I enjoyed teaching the short course along with my friends Jon Zawislak and Steve Repasky.  Met more people who know us from this blog or our videos. It was nice seeing everyone again!  Back home now getting back in the groove.

August 1st finally came and now our Winter-Bee-Kinds have gone on sale. Remember, they do not ship until after November 1st. But order now so you can be at the top of the shipping order.

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PLEASE NOTE, orders will be shipped out starting November 1, in the order they are received. In other words, if you order your WBK this week, yours will ship the first week in November. However, if you order yours on September 1st, there will be hundreds of orders ahead of yours so you may not get your order until December. We do our best to stay caught up but the popularity of our WBKs is overwhelming. Thank you. To order online go to:

What To Do With Wet Honey Supers
So you harvested your honey but what do you do with your supers now?

1. If you still have a nectar flow, place it back on to see if the bees will fill it up.

2. If the nectar flow is over, freeze your super and store in a cool dry place to avoid mildew and wax moths.

3. Store supers in a place that does not have mice, ants and other things that like honey.

4. If you have a large freezer, you can leave the super in the freezer until you need it next year.

5. If you don't want to harvest but want to leave the super on the hive for winter food, that's fine.

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We are offering the same class on two different dates:
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August 6th 8:30am- 1pm Only 3 Spots Left
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August 20th  8:30am - 1pm  5 Spots Left
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