Sunday, May 29, 2016

Is Beekeeping More Than You Bargained For?

Hello from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Finally we are in full bee season. It's a good feeling. Flowers are blooming, and more and more days are good for bees to forage.

If this is your first or second year to keep bees you have quickly learned that there's more to this beekeeping thing than you bargained for. Wouldn't it be nice to have a certified master beekeeper on the other end of the phone or email whenever you had a question. I started my new membership program and members are loving it. 90 beekeepers around the country have jumped on board. We still have room for more.

-  1 New Instructional Videos Each Week.
-  Personal Email & Phone Mentorship With Me. You'll be a phone    call away from a certified master beekeeper.
-  Picture/Video Evaluation Of Your Hive When Needed. Send me    a video and/or pictures of what concerns you and I'll advise
   you on the next step to take.
-  Weekly Tips Of What You Should Be Doing With Your Bees.
-  Your Choice Of 1(one) Item From Our Membership Gifts List
   Below: (After 6 months subscribed)
   - 1 Free class at our location per year (Does NOT Include Bee Institute)
   - 1 Free Winter-Bee-Kind
   - 1 Free Burns Bees Feeding System

We have 2 spots left in our Beekeeping Institute June 10-12.Read more...

We Have Queens Available

We hope to have more each week. Here's how it works. Once we know the number of queens we will have available for the upcoming week we place them online, usually over the weekend. If you want to pick up your queen, please call us on Monday. Usually the queens quickly sell out over the weekend. We hope to have more available each week as the season progresses. These are Illinois Northern queens. Click here to see if they are available now.
Can I Stop Feeding My Bees Now?

Yes. Once there is a strong nectar flow and plenty of flowers it is not essential to feed your bees. If you see lots of ants going for your sugar water, stop feeding. The bees should become familiar with foraging rather than relying on your sugar water.

These classes were very popular last year!  Come and spend 4 hours in the bee yard and learn from certified master beekeeper, David Burns. Ask questions and learn how to manage your colony. We still have room for a few more.

Your Hive Is Telling You Now If They Will Survive The Winter

Sounds impossible, right? But it's true. If mite levels are not kept below 3% your colony will most likely die in March. If your queen is failing...dead in March. It's still time for you to intervene and take action to help your bees survive. Be proactive. Know what you are doing to avoid being sad and depressed in March.

David and Sheri Burns
Fairmount, IL in central Illinois
Here's Directions

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