How To Start Keeping Bees

Thanks for your interest in becoming a beekeeping. You're in good hands with Long Lane Honey Bee Farms because the owner of our family owned business is an EAS certified Master Beekeeper. We are beekeepers too. To us, beekeeping is one of the most enjoyable hobbies We believe you will enjoy it as well.

Keeping bees is really simple. Here's a brief flow chart:

1. Purchase your hives and equipment first. We suggest 2 hives to begin with. 
2. Purchase packages of bees or nucs after you've secured your equipment, but before companies run out, usually by Jan. 1. 

3. Take one of our beekeeping courses.

Check out all our beekeeping courses 

We are confident, that if you take our online courses, you will understand how to enjoy keeping bees.